Piercing Policy

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our piercers are available for piercings, consultations, troubleshooting, and advice by appointment only Wednesday-Monday. Walk-ins may be available, but it is recommended to call ahead.

Here at Next!, we are dedicated to providing every client with friendly, positive and professional service.

There is no legal age of consent for piercing in the province of British Columbia. According to shop policy, you must be at least 16 years of age to be pierced without parental consent and at least 18 years of age for genital piercings. We require proof of age for all piercings. We accept parental consent for most piercings in person, with ID


Piercing Prices
prices as of 03-13-2021

The following prices DO NOT include jewellery:

  • Standard piercings:                     $40 (all piercings unless noted below)
  • Discounted piercings:                 $25 (nostril**, helix and ear lobe piercings)
  • Industrial and orbital piercings:   $55 (more involved ear projects may cost more)
  • Microdermal implants:                 $60
  • Genital piercings:                        $80

**we are currently performing under-the-mask piercings and services for people who are fully vaccinated [two doses plus at least two weeks]. Proof of vaccination is required.

Save on multiple piercings when the same person gets more than one in the same sitting. Savings apply to every second, fourth, sixth, etc piercing. When two different priced piercings are done in one sitting, the lesser discount is applied.

  • Standard piercings:                  $20 off every second one
  • Discounted piercings:               $10 off every second one
  • Microdermal implants:              $15 off every second one
  • Genital piercings:                     $20 off every second one


Jewellery Prices

We primarily use ASTM-F136 titanium jewellery for all our piercings; please give us a call for a quote on jewellery for a specific piercing. We can custom order jewellery from a number of different brands, including Neometal, Anatometal, and Junipurr, as well as some more economic options. Custom orders may take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months to arrive.