Piercing Policy

Here at Next!, we are dedicated to providing every client with friendly, positive and professional service. An experienced piercer is available at any time during shop hours to answer your questions or address your concerns, and we are happy to help you through your healing experience.


There is no legal age of consent for piercing in the province of British Columbia. According to shop policy, you must be at least 16 years of age to be pierced without parental consent and at least 18 years of age for genital piercings. We require proof of age for nipple and genital piercings. We accept parental consent for most piercings either in-person or over the phone.


At NEXT! we want everyone to have a pleasant and positive experience, including our youngest of clients. We will take the time to explain the procedure and aftercare to you and your child and make sure they know it’s okay to be afraid or nervous.

If you are bringing your child to get pierced, it is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time as sometimes little ones need a break between ears to muster up the courage for the second one. If your child has a favorite comfort toy or treat, it might be helpful to bring that along with you.

We do not use piercing guns as they are unsanitary, cause unnecessary tissue damage, and the jewellery does not promote healing. We also will not pierce anyone who is unable to communicate that they want this piercing and that they know it will hurt. Piercings are a permanent cosmetic alteration to the body and no one but the owner of the body being pierced can consent to that.


Piercing Prices

The following prices DO NOT include jewellery:

  • Standard piercings:           $30 (all piercings unless noted below)
  • Discounted piercings:       $15 (nostril, helix and ear lobe piercings)
  • Microdermal implants:      $60
  • Genital piercings:              $60

Save $15 on every second piercing, when you get two non-discounted piercings in the same sitting!


Jewellery Prices

We have a huge selection of high quality jewellery in the shop, and recommend stopping by to view our selection and get information on pricing. We primarily use ASTM-F136 titanium jewellery, with rings starting at $25 each and barbells starting at $35 each; please give us a call for a quote on jewellery for a specific piercing.