Piercing Pricing & Downsize Policy


At NEXT! all piercings are $30 (with a few exceptions listed below) plus the cost of the jewellery that you choose plus taxes.

If you get two regularly priced piercings at one time, we give you $15 off the second one. There is NO discount for below the belt services.

Below The Belt: $60

Discounted Piercings:

    Earlobe: $15
    Helix: $15
    Nostril: $15

Down Size Policy

NEXT! will replace, in trace, the jewellery you were pierced with in cases where the piercer specified a longer length barbell in order to facilitate proper healing. Downsizes must be accompanied by your original receipt… this is mandatory and no exceptions will be made. We charge a $15.00 sterilization fee on all downsizes. Downsizes apply to any piercing done with a barbell (e.g.: tongues, navels, eyebrows, nipples, industrials, labrets, vertical hoods, frenums and ampallangs.) Downsizes will be in the same gauge and shorter length. Downsizes must be done within twelve months of piercing, unless you need additional time with the longer barbell, as recommended by your piercer only, to properly heal.


316 LVM Implant Grade Stainless Steel – The same stainless steel used to make pins and screws for surgery, dental braces, and pacemakers. It is used for implants anytime the surgeon may wish to adjust of remove it later. 316LVM is specifically formulated not to react with human chemistry and when properly polished it presents a non-adhesive mirror-like finish that is very easy to keep clean. The ‘VM’ in 316LVM means the metal was vacuum manufactured to eliminate any impurities. Almost all NEXT!’s jewellery is available in 316LVM.