Piercing School

Course Overview

The piercing course offered by NEXT! is taught in three stages.

The first stage consists of five modules of theory, which are taught by e-mail. A passing grade of 80% or better must be attained on theory before proceeding to the second stage.

The second stage consists of a 14 day practicum at NEXT!’s Granville street studio under the supervision of our staff, learning the practical aspects of body piercing with hands on experience. All activities will be critiqued and graded daily. Students must attain an average of 80% or better during this stage of the program. Upon successful completion of the first two stages of the course a certificate will be issued displaying the student’s final grade.

In the third stage of the program the student is given full telephone or e-mail technical support for as long as they feel they require it. We will always be there to answer your questions.

for more information & to register phone: 604.684.6398

Course Outline

Stage One

There is reading, research and testing in each module, Each module should take approximately three days to complete based on assignments being graded within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Correspondence Module One – The history of body piercing, the piercing matrix.
  • Correspondence Module Two – Tools, equipment, materials. jewellery, metals,
  • Correspondence Module Three – Sterilization, cross-contamination control, microbes, bio-hazards, pathogens.
  • Correspondence Module Four – The business of piercing
  • Correspondence Module Five – Aftercare
  • Mid-term Exam – Most students takes four to live hours to complete this. it will be written in the studio, closed book.

Stage Two

Upon successful completion of the mid-term students will begin the practical portion of the course.

They will spend the first week learning sterilization by doing all of it, some of it twice, while paying special attention to cross-contamination. They will be allowed to observe whatever piercings take place and take notes. If the student has a digital camera, some customers may allow pictures to be taken of procedures. Students will be introduced to all aspects of piercing procedure from the sale, setup and bedside manner to piercing techniques and piercing aftercare. Students will be expected to gain a hands-on full understanding of piercing tools, jewellery, and medical supplies. Contact Us about Taking Our Training Course of drop by the shop and ask one of our knowledgeable staff.

Testimonials From Past Students

“After piercing my friends with sewing needles and thumb tacks in high school I figured I should look for a piercing school that could teach me the proper way. My tattooist recommended NEXT! And within a year I moved down south to take the course. It was a really awesome/interesting experience. The employees at NEXT! Were all really fun and easy going and the customers were always a blast. I learned a lot doing the theory part, and stabbing holes in my friends was great too! I would definitely do it all over again if I could. Thank you Fogg and Jacob for all the great knowledge and good times!” Kat S. – Fort Saint James

“Looking back on it today, taking the piercing course was a major turning point in my life. I had absolutely no idea what path I was taking or where I was going to end up. My best friend was on her way to becoming a famous musician/piano teacher, and I was sittin’ there twiddling my thumbs and day dreaming about Never land. The idea had crossed my mind about eventually getting into piercing and when the opportunity struck to take the course, I was all over it. I never could have fathomed how much it would influence my life and the direction it would end up taking. I brought in every friend that was willing (and even a few that weren’t so willing), friends of friends, family, family friends, anyone! I couldn’t get enough of it! I had found my passion. I was so incredibly lucky to experience the course and everyone who was involved. Without having taken the course, I would never have been able to pursue my career as a body piercer at NEXT! Among the incredible staff that influenced me so much as a beginner and continue to influence me every day. If you’d like to know more about my experience, just come on into NEXT! And ask for Kori!” Kori A. – Vancouver.